International Partnerships

Miguel Mechanical Services International Partnerships

The Sparrows Group is one of our International partners who has grown its Americas footprint into Trinidad and Tobago with an agreement to work in cooperation with Miguel Mechanical Services Ltd.

Another of our International partners is Reflex Marine of Aberdeen. They are the main providor for safe access solutions to reduce the risk of transferring personnel offshore.

The deal for both partners combines local knowledge and expertise with International engineering capability and experience to deliver crane assurance, lifting integrity and safety in operations largely to Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region energy and energy based industries.

Miguel Mechanical Services Limited supplies local expertise, labour, procurement and facilities to the Sparrows Group whilst they in turn are able to deliver engineering and technical support as well as training and competency assessment. In fact, with Sparrows entry into the Trinidad market, local personnel and individuals of the wider Caribbean are being given the opportunity to participate in internationally accredited training courses which enable personnel to work effectively in an environment guided by international guidelines as well as afford them the opportunity to work on an equal footing in a foreign environment.

Stewart Mitchell, chief executive officer at Sparrows Group , said: "Our Partnership is a perfect fit in many ways. Both parties are specialists in crane services with a combined history of more than 90 years and we are extending our well established presence in the Americas. We were keen to work with Miguel Mechanical Services Limited as their track-record of safe working practices and delivery on quality is in-keeping with our core values. Combining local knowledge with global engineering expertise and experience, we are able to provide customers in the region with an unmatched service covering all aspects of crane operation, maintenance and training."

Left to right: Nicole Andrews – Administrative Manager MMSL, Amelia Miguel – General Manager MMSL, Anthony Vieira – Managing Director HHSL, Agna Da Costa-Vieira – Director of Administration HHSL, Tamika Noel - Administrative Assistant HHSL.

Reflex Marine states "MMSL is perfectly poised to provide especially the technical support and 'know-how' for Reflex Marine's frogs. This we view as a means of ensuring and providing additional assurance in the various aspects associated with safety in lifting in the business." Appointed as new partners to serve clients in the West Indies and South America by Reflex Marine.

Anthony Miguel, Managing Director at Miguel Mechanical Services, said : "These partnerships have enabled our Organization to provide an all-encompassing service that meets the needs of many operators in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region. We will work together to provide the most efficient and best possible lifting and lifting associated services available to the energy and energy based industries."

With dedicated training and servicing partners at MMSL, Reflex Marine is proud to be offering clients comprehensive and reliable local support. We are determined to continue improving safety standards in the region and look forward o collaborating with local companies to improve offshore access.


Designed for the most extreme scenarios and offering advanced passenger protection, the FROG-XT represents a revolution in crane transfer.

  • A range of capacities (4,6 and 10 person) to suit your operation.
  • Spring and hydraulic damping system, and shock absorbing seats mitigate heavy vertical impacts.
  • Stainless steel frame and polyethylene buoyancy panels provide protection against side impacts.
  • Easy-use harnesses protect against falling;re-inforced to minimize the risk of tangled straps.
  • Ergonomically designed seating and spatial layout for passenger comfort and security.
  • Rapid change to MedEvac mode allows for quick evacuation of a casualty.
  • Standardized components across the range for simple ordering.
  • Eye-level rigging connection for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Weld free load path and easy to change out components, adding to the benefits of the simple inspection and maintenance schedule.