Quality Policy

Company Policy

Company Policy

In order to maintain our competitive edge, Miguel Mechanical Services Limited (MMSL)is currently in the process of attaining ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company sees the need for having its own in-house auditors to critically evaluate and advise, on a continuous basis, the quality of service being delivered to our clients, our job performance, and the quality of personnel assigned to specific jobs; thus ensuring that the company remain competitive in the job market.

Total Quality Management System

The Miguel Mechanical Services Total Quality Management Plan is as follows:

  • * To achieve, maintain and improve the quality of our service
  • * To improve the quality of our operations
  • * To provide customer confidence that requirements for quality are being achieved in the level of service we provide

Our Quality Assurance is guaranteed by the following characteristics:

  • * The ability to meet specifications
  • * The ability to do the right things
  • * The ability to do things right
  • * The ability to meet stated and implied needs

To ensure that the Quality Management System Implemented at MMSL are realistically met the following drivers are implemented:

  • * Measured cost improvement
  • * Measured product and service improvements
  • * “Pull-through” training based on need and a continuous learning organisation
  • * Top management demonstrated commitment to a regular review, continuous improvement and a quality planning process

The MMSL management has made the commitment to lead the various projects as a means of ensuring that the Quality Management System of the organisation is adhered to. Each department within the organisation is represented. Thus,

  • * Management is vocal and visible – demonstrating leadership, not just lending support
  • * Implementation is a strategic cross-functional project with the necessary time and resource given to it

MMSL expects the following outcomes from our Quality Management System:

  • * Maximum conformance to budget
  • * Optimum workmanship
  • * Maximum accuracy

To ensure an improvement in the quality within our organization the following will be implemented:

  • * Purchasing requirements
  • * Appreciation of requirements to test equipment
  • * Internal audits
  • * Training
  • * Document control
  • * Management responsibilities